North Macedonia Culture

North Macedonia Culture


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Stobi in Gradsko, Heraclea Lyncestis in BitolaLychnidos, the Church of St. Sophia in Ohrid,  Scupi in Skopje… They all represent archaeology sites of phenomenal quality. In one of the sites near Vinica, named Viničko Kale, Terracotta icons were found. There are remnants of Byzantine art in Heraklea Lynkestis, known as the Basilica Mosaic. Multiple discoveries originating from the early Roman period, as well as the early Christian times in the mountainous Vardar Macedonia, back then a part of the Bulgarian Empire.

The churches of North Macedonia are filled with artistic pieces, coming from many famous architects and painters. Just to give an idea, Ohrid by itself has over thirty churches in its jurisdiction. The city of Ohrid, alongside its lake are declared as a crucial part of human history, being protected by UNESCO. St. Pantelejmon, one of several renowned churches, are known for St. Clement’s teachings, and alongside that in 1990, the construction of the Cathedral of St. Clement in the city of Ohrid was done. Churches of North Macedonia that are from 11th and 12th century are famous across the world for their Western medieval thema Bulgaria. It is distinctive by its one of a kind architecture and rich fresco paintings and icons.

There are signs of Islamic culture as well, such as various mosques, bazaars and even baths from as back as the Ottoman Empire. During the 14th century

North Macedonia Citizenship by GCI - Culture


Modern Macedonian painting was introduced by  Lazar LičenoskiNikola MartinoskiDimitar Avramovski–Pandilov, and Vangel Kodzoman. It was a generation that bared many artworks, much of which originates from  Borka LazeskiDimitar KondovskiPetar Mazev, that are now deceased, and Rodoljub Anastasov, as well as others that are still active today. During 1992. in Paris, an auction consisting of around a 100 Vasko Taskovski’s artworks were exhibited to the public. Ohridska Porta Gallery is a well-known gem in the artistic world and was presented by Vangel Naumovski, who was long thought as a Naive artist.

Aleksandar StankovskiZhaneta VangeliMaja Dzhartovska, and Gordana Apostolovska are considered contemporary artist from Macedonia.

It is said that the founder of modern Macedonian sculpture is Dimo Todorovski. Other outstanding artists are Petar Hadzi BoskovBoro MitrikeskiNovak Dimitrovski, and Tome Serafimovski.

In 1993. there was a total of 413 exhibitions, that were populated with over 240,000 people, 120 participants in 12 artists’ colonies.

North Macedonia has a rich history and a bright future.