10 Reasons to buy North Macedonia Investment Passport

10 Reasons to buy North Macedonia Citizenship

If you read this you are interested in our North Macedonia citizenship program, but you are not yet sure whether you should opt for it? Here are ten good reasons why you should buy North Macedonia citizenship.

You should buy North Macedonia citizenship because...

  1.  As a country with ever-growing potential, it offers various beneficial investment opportunities.

  2. It is accepting dual citizenship.

  3. Has membership in CEFTA and SMWK.

  4. Joining candidate of the EU (satisfies the EU guidelines)

  5. It provides visa-free access to approximately 125 countries, including Japan, Schengen countries, eastern European countries and others.

  6. North Macedonia is a democratic, neutral and appreciated country in Europe.

  7. Residence with no prior conditions. 

  8. North Macedonia has just a 10% income tax and no tax for wealth!

  9. Citizenship lasts for a lifetime, alongside residency.

  10. Family members can get citizenship.

And that's just ten reasons. We could give you a lot more reasons why it is worth buying North Macedonia citizenship.