Citizenship by Investment - North Macedonia

Citizenship by Investment North Macedonia


The process of obtaining another passport and citizenship by investing in the property of the host country is called citizenship through investments. These processes are faster than the old immigration processes and legally give the status of a citizen to the investor.


Among other things, people decide on this course because of the short deadline for approving applications (only a few months), and they get lifelong citizenship, passports, travel tickets and much more. Economic citizenship also opens many opportunities for investors.


Citizenship by Investment - North Macedonia

This can mean to investors and their families if there is any political or any other unrest in their countries of origin.

The number of countries you can travel freely

If your country does not have a satisfactory number of visa-free countries, this can be an ideal opportunity to increase the number of these countries through our investment programs. This can result in an invaluable saving of your time in the form of waiting for a visa.


Citizenship by Investment - North Macedonia

As our client, through investment programs for a country, you are opening up new business opportunities in that country as well as a free trip abroad.

Tax management

Dual citizenship can be useful for tax optimization purposes. For example, some countries earn only tax revenues from that country and do not claim capital gains tax. Investors allocate their finances with better results that way.

The family

Most citizenship through investment programs is available to members of the main applicant's family. This means that investors can provide a better future for their spouse and children. Second citizenship provides access to top health care, education and a different lifestyle.


Citizenship by Investment - North Macedonia

Education is the cornerstone of the successful life of a global citizen. Investing in another nationality can open access to the world's best schools for applicants and their children by allowing them to pay for an ordinary but not international tuition fee.


Many countries offer citizenship to investment programs to attract the necessary foreign investment. Countries can then use these funds to invest in personal projects, such as real estate development and job creation.


Many countries offer citizenship through investment programs. The number of these programs is constantly increasing as more countries understand the economic benefits of opening the door to immigrant investors.

Every day, the number of states offering citizenship through investment projects is growing. As both sides benefit from these programs, many countries are happy to open doors to investors.



GCI UNIT Skopje is an expert in business investment and advisory utilizing a unique network well connected regarding Foreign Economic Relations predominantly in North Macedonia and other South Eastern European Countries.

GCIs starting point is the investment in regions and industries with high growth ratios and sustainable business concepts. The citizenship one (investor) can acquire is considered 'the cherry on the top' when a decision is made to starting something extraordinary particularly in the Republic of NORTH MACEDONIA.

For NORTH MACEDONIA without having a CBI in place this is realized via the following:

“…on common efforts to Implementation of potential investors in citizenship of the Republic of NORTH MACEDONIA, which is a special interest for the Republic of North Macedonia, in accordance with article 11 of the Citizenship Law ("Official Gazette of no.67/1992; 8/2004, 98/2008 and 158/2011)…”

GCI’s facilitates and advises investment activities in the Republic of North Macedonia and accessing a process via a joint agreement with a government related network.

Services as follows:

  • • Liaison with local and major government authorities
  • • Keep close relation with the government experts
  • • Counsel and advise on investment and the citizenship application

At the current situation the focus regarding the investment activities and possible citizenship applications are in NORTH MACEDONIA. The outlook is to “apply” these activities to the other countries of the Balkan area.

GCI accelerates the process where ever it is possible, from the enrollment of the investment and application until the COR is issued by the concerned Ministries of the Government of the Republic of NORTH MACEDONIA.

An investment in the Republic of NORTH MACEDONIA is mandatory to apply for the Citizenship via the fore mentioned parameters.

The Republic of NORTH MACEDONIA offers the Citizenship to Investors because the operational routine of a standard working regime often requires travelling and meeting business partner in neighboring countries. In a nutshell: 'This is to add efficiency towards the business operations. Some nationalities do not have the freedom of Visa-Free-Travels to many European countries therefore this is an added value for the Foreign Direct Investment activities.’

There are 3 possible scenarios available:


Investing in an existing business based in NORTH MACEDONIA. We recommend and offer a very comfortable, effective and profitable opportunity by investing in GCI. This is realized by 'pooling funds' which are redistributed 'NORTH MACEDONIA-Effective' into start-ups and companies looking for growth opportunities etc.and therefore GCI is contributing to the country's economic growth and overall development. This is an ideal option for one who does not wish to establish a legal entity (company) or participate in a large scale property development.


Establish an own company in the free zone or any other legal entity what fits the business plan. Manufacturers and the generation for work places is preferred as the ICV (In Country Value) is always considered when one wants to utilize the 'Economic Citizenship Solution'. Other target industries such a an agriculture establishment, tourism, ICT (in particular software) or infrastructure are excellent opportunities to invest in NORTH MACEDONIA.


Particular Economic interest, within the meaning of this Ordinance, also exists if a foreginer who has applied for citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia has invested at least EUR 200,000 per person, for a period of at least two years, in a private investment fund, which fulfills the following conditions:


The law also allows donations to the government where it is urgently needed. This may also include government-sponsored social projects and facilities, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and others. The respective height and the respective project will be determined in detail by the government as necessary.

Some tricksters even claim to work with GCI; please get in touch with us when you wish to investigate regarding our network partners in different countries.

This is to rectify a situation we have seen on different internet sites organizations in varying countries offering hefty overpriced residency in NORTH MACEDONIA and market this as citizenship. Double and triple compared with GCI services.