How to apply for North Macedonian citizenship - Application and Due Diligence Process

Application process North Macedonia Citizenship Program

How to apply for North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

Under the law of Ministry of foreign affairs of article 11 can a foreigner who meets the requirements referred to in Article 7 paragraph 1 points 1 and 8 of this Law, acquire citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia by naturalization if this is of special scientific, economic, cultural, sports or other national interests. The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia shall, by a decree, determine the criteria for special scientific, economic, cultural, sports and other national interest in the purpose of acquiring citizenship, in terms of paragraph 1 of this Article 11.

Background and Legal Considerations

A few countries have accepted an agreement that permits the obtaining of citizenship, based on an investment and/or immediate commitment to the state as a method for the growing of the country. The North Macedonia Citizenship Act under Article 11 states that the administration can give citizenship for any extraneous person for their special actions. Different forms may be included with financial ones and can incorporate capital commitment or other economic advantage carried to North Macedonia. GCI UNIT North Macedonia consults on appropriate capital development opportunities, cooperates with the different government organizations and ministries, lastly makes ready and submits your application with the Government. Likewise, with other citizenship programs, the process includes a detail personal check, and candidates are usually required to go to an interview in North Macedonia. After citizenship submission is approved, the submitter will acquire citizenship documents.

The expected time for an application is 3 - 4 months. The government of North Macedonia will bring the decision for full citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia, given to successful applicants, which unlocks the option of applying for a passport.

The acquirement of North Macedonia citizenship is not shared to other countries, as it falls inside the Government arrangements identifying with security/official insights.

GCI will help you to go faster through the registration process and can process all your orders beforehand. Your only obligation is to come and provide a fingerprint, as well as register. In North Macedonia, we have the best quality lobbying services.


Then apply now.

Citizenship Application

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