Where is North Macedonia located in the world?

Where is North Macedonia located?

North Macedonia (officially the Republic of North Macedonia) is a country in Eastern Europe, in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula.

The beautiful Republic of North Macedonia

The capital of North Macedonia is Skopje. It occupies an area of 25,713 km² and has a little over 2 million inhabitants. North Macedonia has two official languages which are Macedonian and Albanian. The most represented ethnical group is Macedonians with 64.2 % by the census from the 2002nd year. North Macedonia declared independence from SFR Yugoslavia on 8.9.1991. and are officially recognized by the United Nations on the 8.4.1993. They are a parliamentary democratic republic and a member of the UN. In 2005. North Macedonia has applied for joining the EU. Macedonia has passed through a couple of wars and few state polities. The biggest river in Macedonia is the Vardar and they have three beautiful national parks.


40° and 43° N,  20° and 23° E