North Macedonia - What is Citizenship?

What is Citizenship?


GCI - Citizenship Program

For most, the word 'citizenship' is reminiscent of images of a strong national identity identified by place, ethnicity, history, culture and education - so the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanother nationality may be unnatural and incomprehensible.

Benefits of taking another nationality

North Macedonia - What is Citizenship? - Benefits

Citizenship opportunities are different for each applicant, and our GCI experts will guide you in the best way to reach your goal

Assessment of Citizenship Program

North Macedonia - What is Citizenship? - Assesment

After years of work and research of investment programs, GCI can help you gain another citizenship through these programs. In practice, it turned out that these programs last much shorter than the conventional way that can take years. These investment programs are based on the mutual benefit of both the host and investor country, which is reflected in speed and efficiency.

What does it mean to travel without a visa?

North Macedonia - What is Citizenship?

Visa-free travel is the opportunity to visit the country without having to complete long procedures for issuing visas. Citizens of a country can travel to another country without a visa if the governments of these two countries have signed an agreement in that sense, or if the recipient country unilaterally opened its borders.

If you want to travel to countries without waiting for long visa issuing procedures then this is what you are looking for. If the governments of the two countries sign agreements in the sense of visa-free travel, you as a national of the recipient country can travel to another country.