Benefits of North Macedonia Citizenship Program

Benefits of North Macedonia second passport

Macedonia is extremely fascinating and one of the most popular destinations for tourists! It will be a NATO member this year, also it is a candidate for EU since 2005 and they will be an official member of EU in a period between 2023 and 2024.

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Benefits of North Macedonia citizenship

  • • As a country with ever-growing potential, it offers various beneficial investment opportunities.
  • • It is accepting dual citizenship.
  • • Has membership in CEFTA and SMWK.
  • • Joining candidate of the EU (satisfies the EU guidelines)
  • • It provides visa-free access to approximately 125 countries, including Japan, Schengen countries, eastern-European countries, and others.
  • • In the Visa Restriction Index, North Macedonia's passport is number 41.
  • • North Macedonia is a democratic, neutral and appreciated country in Europe.
  • • Residence with no prior conditions. 
  • • North Macedonia has just a 10% income tax and no tax for wealth!
  • • Citizenship lasts for a lifetime, alongside residency.
  • • Family members can get citizenship.